Always evolving, shaking things up: our 16-year partnership in building the TIM brand.


Strong brands are those that are alert and can swiftly evolve and respond to the ever-changing demands of the world. Our partnership with TIM in developing its brand began in 2001 and throughout all this time, we shared with them the challenges of interpreting the movements of the market, of the brand and of its consumers. In these 16 years, our strategic and creative tools have been used to guide the process of repositioning and evolution of the brand in Brazil.


We believe that to evolve is to do things differently. This isn’t just a catch phrase; it is how TIM behaves. After taking part in the brand’s first branding consolidation process in xxxx and then in its subsequent evolution xxx years later, in 2016 Tátil embraced yet another new challenge: we were tasked to bring TIM’s positioning to life in shape and form. In a collaborative process with some of TIM’s other communications partners, we developed the strategic guidelines as well as the creative visual system. We sought inspiration in ingredients of the Maker culture. We mixed technology with handicraft, brought down the walls dividing digital and analogue, and showcased how these two universes already work in real life. The new language is vibrant, authentic, eye-to-eye, and it brings the brand closer to the audience. It builds trust and credibility, and sets a space for the power of the new brand and its new icon: the TIM icon.


We updated the brand management tool, consolidating the strategic and creative guidelines in a digital brand book. Through this online platform, all the information on the new TIM brand is easily accessible, enabling a more innovative, focused and friendlier user experience. Always on, just like TIM.








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