Tátil and TIM have had a long partnership story. Since 2001, our challenge has been to translate the essence and values of the brand into expressions and experiences that help build lasting relationships. In addition, these brand expressions need to encapsulate the business’ goals – reflecting the evolutions of the market, of the consumer as well as that of the brand itself – and clearly come through, especially when the brand is nearest to its audience, that is, at the PoS.


In these 16 years, we have used our strategic and creative intelligence across hundreds of project. They have been the foundation for the all of the choices and decisions that have been made – be it to better understand shopper’s rationale, to respond to communication needs, or map the potential of each individual space at the PoS – and have enabled and led us to design solutions that bring truly effective results.

A great example of success is the Vitrine Azul (Blue Window) project. With its clever, modular functionality and a clear hierarchy of information, that responds to the shopper’s every step and state throughout the entire consumer journey at the store, TIM’s Vitrine Azul was so successful that it’s become the strategic and creative foundation for PoS solutions; and it can be experienced in any TIM store across the country.