How to refresh the key touchpoint of Brazil’s most valuable brand?


‘To connect Skol’s heart and soul enabling its youthful, dynamic and disruptive nature to shine through’, this was Tatil’s goal when redesigning the packaging of the nation’s favorite beer.

The packs are a key brand touchpoint and therefore needed to encapsulate the brand universe values and sentiment it represents.


This was a pure immersion, deep-dive job that delved into Skol’s key connection moments with its audience. We had to understand what the brand truly represents and the sentiments and emotions that it instills in consumers.

The new pack glorifies the brand’s key visual assets: the color yellow and the arrow. Moreover, we revived the ‘desce redondo’ (or ‘goes down smooth’) concept since it is such a powerful positioning statement, capable of expressing both functional and emotional attributes of the product.


Our designs have given the brand a more contemporary look, one which speaks to its audience and is also a powerful statement at the PoS.

We successfully encapsulated the Skol attitude in the new pack design without sacrificing any of its brand awareness, which in fact, according to research, is now higher than of previous renditions.












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