Tododia, Brazil’s leading personal care brand, invited Tátil to redesign its brand expressions. This was a comprehensive branding project including tone of voice, logo development and identity system spanning all the way up to the detailed design of labels.

The challenge was to create an expression for the new portfolio, highlighting the functional and sensorial benefits of the product line, and placing ‘beauty’ at the very core of the brand.


‘Nourish to feel’, this was the guiding concept that inspired the new identity comprising brand expressions that exude beauty.

A beauty that is present on the body, skin, in a look, an attitude, and in the pleasant contact of the product with the body. The photography style portrays women with oozing beauty, powerful attitudes, and a striking presence that exudes a natural bold stance. All of which are powered by the delight of nurtured skin.

The visual identity highlights shots of the products, free from their packs, and glorifies their textures and richness, triggering the desire to touch, feel. This visual principal also inspired the redesign of the labels which adopt graphic textures that vary according to the density of the product line.


Beyond conveying the clear expression of the functional benefits of the product line, the new brand identity establishes a connection with consumers that cherish feeling beautiful and that consider beauty a way of standing out and being valued.

From the tone of voice, to the logo, to the labels, we successful captured and showcased the personality of Tododia, a brand that was born to celebrate life, every day.