“Why do I need what I don’t need?” – this was the guiding question for the project Tátil undertook in partnership with Questo Nó and Natura to create a new and innovative personal care product line for the brand.

Natura SOU was born to solve a messy equation: to achieve maximum sensorial effect, with low environment impact as well cost. Combining these three characteristics was crucial to overcome the typical belief that eco-products are always more expensive.

Our challenge was to help Natura successfully enter the second tier market and reach a new audience with a product line founded on the premise, and truly ownable narrative, of conscientious consumption.


Steering away from “eco-boring” fixes and striving for “eco-sexy” solutions, the winning creative concept for the product line was Drop, which not only represents the smallest form of water, but which also intuitively conveys the brand’s essence: conscientious consumption.

By adopting the Pouch pack – in vibrant and organic colors – SOU occupies much less room and ensures the product is used till its last drop, therefore, reducing product waste and maximizing value. The design also helped reduce the amount of plastic in packaging by 75% and the final CO2 emissions by 50%.
Natura SOU is not just a new brand, but an innovative product line that is deconstructing old paradigms. It is aware of the new social contexts that crave for leading and pioneering brands that help build long-lasting business relationships, that go beyond the short-term economic gains to ensure long-term results.


Beyond a popular campaign, the product was welcomed by the public with open arms. Moreover, it led to Tátil’s involvement in Natura’s first point of sale project.

To bring the positioning to life, we created an intelligent display system that optimizes the space at the PoS whilst conveying the product benefits of being compact, easy-to-use, and enjoyable to its very last drop.