Over 10 years ago we played a big part in the development and creation of Natura Ekos and now we were invited back to revise the brand’s visual identity. Back then we combined the local Amazonian tradition with a contemporary design across the packaging line, all inspired by bottles from the local Ver-o-Peso Market Hall.


‘Amazonize’, beyond a concept, this is a call for us to reconnect with nature irrespective of our physical location.

The concept inspired a fruitful photo shoot in which each scene captured the beauty sparked from this connection to nature, whilst at the same time, communicating in a sensorial manner the products’ attributes.

For the product shot, and in order to accentuate the origins of the line’s benefits, we conducted extensive research on design objects with an Amazonian inspiration and which hold goods either in their natural or processed states.


The photography style and the redesign of the label repositioned Ekos as a sophisticated and contemporary beauty brand simply by playing up on its most ownable asset: its Amazonian sociobiodiversity.