droga raia
Building a brand that is a specialist in the curation of caring.


Making choices to lead a healthy life is getting increasingly harder. What exactly is the criteria to guarantee well-being and good health?

It was in the light of this conceptual territory that the Droga Raia brand positioning was evolved from the stance of carer to a curator of caring: facilitating and putting center-stage the discovery and experience of an autonomous buy.

To convey this shift, Tátil was invited to transform the new positioning into visual and verbal brand expressions across all of its touch-points including logo, communication, and retail look and feel.


Inspired by the new brand positioning, our team developed a visual and verbal brand identity that conveys its expert, inspiring and eager-to-help personality.

Guided by Shopper Marketing tools, we defined the best placement of the identity throughout the store and created a new look and feel that was rolled-out across the entire retail chain. Led by the insights gathered from investigating the shopper’s journey, we optimized the number of PoS communication materials used and developed an intelligent, intuitive communication system that considers every consumer journey step.

Together with P&G we revamped 600+ stores, increasing the amount of lighting and space, with shelfs that support flexible communication materials and a new way-finding system of key categories including pharmacy, beauty, kids and daily care.


The result was a more vibrant, effortless and consistent communication, a reduction in visual clutter, and increased product visibility, all of which combined allow for a more pleasant and engaging experience for the shopper. With the new identity we were able to bring differentiation to the Droga Raia brand, establishing it as an expert on the subject of taking better care of one’s health.










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